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Update: Menu Changes & Preparation for Things to Come!

Check out a new level and other changes in Still Here! 

The latest update (code-name: Buddy) of Still Here has a new level for you to check out as well as some menu changes. We hope you’d like to check it out!
The past week has been quite hectic for us since we’ve visited the Independent Indie-games Festival AMAZE in Berlin while also working on Still Here. We have received a lot of feedback and we’d like to thank you all! Most feedback was related to the menu and the story of the game. We’ve tackled the menu in this update but we’re going to start working on an even bigger update!
The next update will improve the way we tell the story of the Pip in Still Here. It’s a big update and we plan on releasing it in the last week of May 2015. Please enjoy this update until that time and please keep sending us your feedback!
The new updates will be send out using Testflight for iOS, Android users can find it in Early Acces or just update it in the Google Play Store. 
We will also send a ques…

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